Photo albums are being fixed

This post is a maintenance post about the Tahina Expedition site, not about our travels.

Unfortunately, when Google “retired” their Picasa Web Album photo service a few years ago they did not provide a transition method for the millions of web sites that used their service to present slide shows. For a while, they kept photo albums working, but that too went away. They did host the photos (at no charge with some resolution limitations) on their new Google Photos service. But, shockingly, Google still has not provided a slideshow embed capability on Google Photos so you could easily translate your old blog posts to point to the photos. I thought surely by now they would have done this. This is important here because we devoted most of our technological activities during our trip to using Google’s products (since we had a partnership) and Picasa Web Albums was the most used technology on the site. There are over 300 photo albums to be found here.

So, the photo albums on Tahina Expedition have mostly remained broken for a while now as I waited hopefully for a fix. I did find a method here that lets you get a link to the Google-hosted photos and with a few clicks, and some cutting and pasting on your web site code, enable you to embed a slideshow. It’s a time consuming laborious process. And, the resulting slides do not show the photo titles, or links to the geo-referenced map locations I created for most of the photos on our blog. I’ve slowly been updating the many slideshows on the site to at least be functional as a slide show, and provide a link to the Google Photos hosted slideshows (which DO allow you to see the titles to the pictures I created, and shows the map locations for most of the photos). I’ve been working both from the first posts forward, and the last post backwards. There’s probably nearly 100 done now. I hope to complete the project in the coming weeks. Please feel free to point out in the comments if you like the photos, and if you have a request for a particular post whose slideshow you want to see, contact me or leave a comment on that post and I’ll prioritize it.

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3 Responses to Photo albums are being fixed

  1. Michael Brown says:

    Good to hear from you again Frank. I was just checking out some of your videos on YouTube that I am not sure if I had watched them when you were cruising live. Thought I should check the site and low and behold a new post! I was thinking while watching you sail some heavy seas (2012), “I wonder how life on the hard is treating them all these years afterwards?” I truly enjoyed following your circumnavigation and it formed part of my daily ritual for years, checking your site for updates and following along.

  2. Heather Keel says:

    Hey Frank! Reading through the blog and would love to see the photos from the Almost Paradise – The Grenadines post, posted on January 8, 2010 🙂 It sounds gorgeous!

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