Completed the main goal of repairing broken blog posts

I’ve finally completed all the blog posts on with broken photo albums (over 305 blog posts were effected on just that problem), plus the broken embedded 360 photos which used recently obsolete technology (at least 70 of those), dozens of broken embedded Google Maps for showing GPS tracks and locations we visited, and thousands of other link issues due to the obsolete non-encrypted URLs using “http” instead of “https”.

Some of you might not realize there were over 1000 blog posts covering our adventure to circumnavigate the Earth by sailboat on our nearly 8 years of effort covered by this blog, nearly 300 photo albums with 3000+ (just the best out of over 70,000) photos, many videos, and many maps using both Google Maps and Google Earth.

It’s all here, and working again, full details including trials, tribulations, love, agony, work, broken boat parts, scary moments, tours, death, lightning strike, food, people from around world, fish, whales, birds, snakes, spiders, dragons, and so much more. It was a labor of love to share our experiences, and took an enormous amount of time during our travels. I had no idea, that years later, I would have to spend weeks of effort to repair things to close to the original published content due to technological obsolescence. I’m afraid it will happen again in the future.

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2 Responses to Completed the main goal of repairing broken blog posts

  1. Paul Gilster says:

    This site is a treasure, Frank, and wonderful to hear you’ve got everything in order again. Nice job! Hard to keep up with changing tech, that’s for sure. I will always remember following your track across the Pacific especially! Those wonderful 360-degree photos!

  2. Jon and Jennifer Glaudemans says:

    Hi Frank — What a treat to see your blog update and then to re-visit your remarkable compilation. I hope you and the family are well; Jennifer and I sold’ ile de Grace’, and now live on the water just north of Annapolis, if you’re ever up this way. Lots of dock space!

    Take care, and fair winds,

    Jon and Jennifer Glaudemans

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