Fixes to blog posts and a new 360 Panorama from the top of St Helena

Yes, it has been a long time. We know 2020 was a challenging year, especially with the coronavirus. One benefit of being forced to spend a lot of time in seclusion is I have had a chance to update the web site. Primarily to fix problems caused by time, where features of such as photo album display, and basics such as broken links, disappearing maps, 360 photo display tools, etc.

The good news is that I have recently addressed hundreds problems, especially during the period 2010 to 2011 during our Pacific crossing. So, blog posts from the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia are largely revamped. Thousands of changes were made and the result brings the posts closer to when they were originally published.

I also discovered some panoramas never published. The first 360 below is a shot during a guided tour on St. Helena on February 19, 2015. We were near a section of the island called Fairyland, and there is a popular overlook which gives an expansive view of the western island and views of the Atlantic sea on both the south and northwest sides of the island. You can read more about our sightseeing in St. Helena in this post.

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    Great to see the post.

    Kilkea II

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