Administrative Post – Changing to new feed for following this blog

Google is once again retiring another product. They bought one of the most popular blogging tools called Feedburner many years ago. They provided free hosting of feeds and even free e-mail notifications, statistics, and more to millions of blog readers around the world for over a decade. But, now they are discontinuing the service for E-mail subscribers.

Thankfully, there are many commercial providers of similar services. I’ve chosen to use one that offers a reliable free service called which suits the needs for this site. NOTE: you don’t have to change anything if you are one of the few dozen people who receive e-mail notifications of new blog posts. I migrated all activated subscribers. Although, if you do NOT receive an E-mail for this post and you were previously registered for e-mail notifications, I would appreciate you contacting me by leaving a comment here or sending me an E-mail (my e-mail is “frank”).

If you want to add yourself to e-mail notifications, you can just fill out the form in the sidebar. And, if you use RSS feeds to read our blog, you can use the new link: (although the old feedburner one is supposed to continue to work, it is probably not going to be as accurate as the new link).

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2 Responses to Administrative Post – Changing to new feed for following this blog

  1. Frank Taylor says:

    My apologies folks if you are subscribed by E-mail. I don’t at all like the results from this “free service” because the e-mail contains ads, and doesn’t even contain the logo to the blog, nor does it provide the full text from even this short blog post. I’ll be investigating either their premium service or going to another solution.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      I should have followed up (pun intended) that the premium service for is acceptable and I’ve been using the service for various blogs since July 2021 with satisfactory results.

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