First Post-Vaccinated Vacation to Bahamas on Tahina

Flying into BahamasAs mentioned in an earlier post, we sold Tahina to our friends last summer. They spent some time in the Bahamas this year. We offered to bring back the boat from the Bahamas if we could use the boat a bit. Yes, a real vacation for the first time since February 2020!

Karen and I flew in and got to spend a couple of days with Jason and Lara. We are thrilled they are the new owners. They did a great job, as usual, having the boat cleaned up top to bottom. And they made sure to show us some of their very nice updates to the boat, and where stuff had been moved around from what we were used to doing. It was great to be back on the boat in the beautiful Bahamas! 16 months of Coronavirus seclusion started melting away!

Honeymoon BeachTwo days, and Lara and Jason had to return home to tend to business back in the US. We reluctantly saw them off, but it felt somehow normal with the two of us back on the boat where we spent so many years living. The very nice spring weather in the Bahamas back on ocean waters and living outdoors again! The first time swimming in the ocean again was pure bliss. We headed to a secluded anchorage and visited a beautiful sandy beach.

Kids on Monument HillJust a few days later, we were especially glad that our two daughters, and their respective partners, were able to join us for part of our visit. And, we all had a great time! The kids were able to get a taste of Great Exuma flying in/out of George Town and spending a combined 8 days with us on Tahina. We moved the boat to several anchorages, went to beaches, beach bars, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, etc. Of course, some time was spent just lounging (and drinking) around Tahina’s decks as well. We also took the boat out to the deeper waters and did some sailing and fishing. It was wonderful to have family together in such an exotic place after months holed up in our houses avoiding other people. And they all said it was a great vacation after so long without a true break from the crazy 2020 times.

Bahamas BoaKaren and I spent a couple more days preparing to leave the Exumas for our next Bahamian destination. The morning before our departure, I went to check equipment on the port aft compartment (near the bow of the dinghy). As I was coming back up I noticed something on the deck under the bow of the stored dinghy. It was a snake about 3 feet away! Hello there. Turns out we found out later it was a somewhat rare Bahamas Boa. I tried to encourage it to move off the boat and go back to shore (using a kayak paddle). But, it just kept coming back, so I let it stay on the aft sugar scoop. Later we pulled up anchor to depart and drove Tahina close to shore, I tossed the snake gently behind the boat into the water, and we departed. He was swimming towards shore as we left.

I’ll end this post before describing our passage to the Abacos, our time there, and our trip to bring the boat to the US. Some tales for another day.

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