About Using Google Earth

Using Google Earth these past three years has only intensified our plans for the trip.  First, to help us explore places we want to go and make travel plans.  Of course, we want people to be able to see the places we go and will post Google Earth maps of our route and destinations. Since I've been writing about the multitudes of different ways Google Earth can be used, plans have been made for some really cool Google Earth content coming from our circumnavigation: Real-time tracking, using Google Earth for nautical charts, geotagging photos, GPS tracks when we go ashore, aerial photography, and more (see a test run here).

For five years, we will be geo-blogging our trip and leveraging Google Earth and many other tools to share our experiences.  The plan is to continue Google Earth Blog - although, I will get some help to keep the daily writing done.    We're very excited about this trip, and I'm also excited to share with you the plans I've been cooking up to leverage Google Earth to make following our trip an experience in itself!

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