About Frank and Karen Taylor

Frank and Karen have been married for over 25 years and have two adult kids (one graduated from college the other continuing). In 2002-3 they boat-schooled their kids and sailed the Caribbean on another catamaran called PatiCat (read the story here). Karen and Frank enjoyed the experience of sailing and visiting locations by sea so much, they made plans to do a circumnavigation when the kids went away for college.

Frank Taylor, Captain

Frank sailing TahinaIn addition to being a father and husband, Frank is an avid outdoors-man who loves to hike, swim, backpack, sail, scuba dive, mountain bike, etc. Frank has long been interested in the future – and always had dreams of exploring space, and is an avid science-fiction fan. He spent years working at NASA hoping to further our ability to explore space. But, since manned exploration of other planets has not yet become practical, he’s decided to explore the Earth for now. Frank loves technology and has spent most of his career working with advanced Internet and computer graphics technologies. Since 2005, Frank has written the Google Earth Blog and explored many web-based mapping technologies. We intend to put those skills to good use on the circumnavigation. Frank is a licensed pilot with an instrument rating, so he has a good understanding of reading weather and understands the importance of good planning. Frank has been sailing since he was 15 and has about 55,000 nm of blue water experience.

Karen Taylor, Admiral

Karen sailingKaren also enjoys the outdoors, but is more interested in the cultural experience of visiting other countries and meeting people. She worked in the computer industry and for a while at NASA. Which is how she and Frank met in Houston, Texas. In addition to being a wife, she has dedicated herself to raising the children and supporting Frank’s business ventures, and is also a science-fiction fan. She enjoyed our sailing adventures in the Caribbean – and is an able hand at sea. Karen also handles the cooking and provisioning for our travels. Karen has over 50,000 nm of blue water sailing.

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