About Using Google Earth

Frank Taylor is the author of Google Earth Blog – the most popular blog for everything about Google Earth. Writing about Google Earth since 2005 only intensified our plans for the Tahina Expedition. First, to help us explore places we wanted to go and make travel plans. But, we also wanted people to be able to see the places we go and will post Google Earth maps of our route and destinations. Since I’ve been writing about the multitudes of different ways Google Earth can be used, plans were made for some really cool Google Earth content coming from our circumnavigation: Real-time tracking, using Google Earth for nautical charts, geotagging photos, GPS tracks when we go ashore, aerial photography, and more. (See an early test run here).

We have been geo-blogging our trip and leveraging Google Earth and many other tools to share our experiences. The Google Earth Blog has continued to be published with the writing and research performed by Mickey Mellen. You can see evidence of using Google Earth and Google Maps technologies throughout our trip and blog posts.

If you are a sailor, you should read the post on Google Earth Tips For Sailors.

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