Tahina Photo Tour

This is a photo gallery “tour” of our sailing catamaran “Tahina” (read more about Tahina here). All of the photos here are of Tahina – which we purchased in August 2008. Tahina is a St. Francis 50 (Length overall is 50 feet, beam is 26 feet, draft 4.5 feet) built in South Africa. Typical sailing speed is 8-10 knots, but we have sailed her as fast as 19.7 knots! Tahina is well equipped, and we really like the accommodations. She is built for blue water sailing and already sailed 8000 nautical miles (from South Africa) before we bought her from the builder. Check out the slideshow below to see her in all her glory…

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  1. ajay jain says:

    an indian has started sailing around the world so i bumped in your site. it is good. may God bless

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