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First Post-Vaccinated Vacation to Bahamas on Tahina

As mentioned in an earlier post, we sold Tahina to our friends last summer. They spent some time in the Bahamas this year. We offered to bring back the boat from the Bahamas if we could use the boat a … Continue reading

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Administrative Post – Changing to new feed for following this blog

Google is once again retiring another product. They bought one of the most popular blogging tools called Feedburner many years ago. They provided free hosting of feeds and even free e-mail notifications, statistics, and more to millions of blog readers … Continue reading

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Tahina’s Adventure Continues With Friends Now Holding the Helm

This is a post I’ve put off writing for months. We began our long-term relationship with our beautiful traveling home and sailing vessel Tahina more than 12 years ago. Tahina took us safely around the Earth (and then some), and … Continue reading

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Completed the main goal of repairing broken blog posts

I’ve finally completed all the blog posts on with broken photo albums (over 305 blog posts were effected on just that problem), plus the broken embedded 360 photos which used recently obsolete technology (at least 70 of those), dozens … Continue reading

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Fixes to blog posts and a new 360 Panorama from the top of St Helena

Yes, it has been a long time. We know 2020 was a challenging year, especially with the coronavirus. One benefit of being forced to spend a lot of time in seclusion is I have had a chance to update the … Continue reading

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Photo albums are being fixed

This post is a maintenance post about the Tahina Expedition site, not about our travels. Unfortunately, when Google “retired” their Picasa Web Album photo service a few years ago they did not provide a transition method for the millions of … Continue reading

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Map Showing Route To Raggeds Last Week

Below is a map showing where we went last week down to the Ragged Isles for some sailing, snorkeling and fishing. Google’s maps show pretty nice views of the islands and waters along the route. You can see where we … Continue reading

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Mid-winter Visit to Bahamas with Guests

As planned, we escaped some cold weather in Raleigh, and Karen and I flew down to Tahina early January. We had moved Tahina to the Bahamas for the winter back in November, with the intent to visit a few times … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays to all our cruising/sailing friends all over the world! Although we aren’t on our boat this year (Tahina is currently waiting patiently for us in the warm waters of the Bahamas), we are thinking of all the many … Continue reading

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Tahina Getting Ready For Warm Winter

It’s been a while since the last update here on the blog. There really hasn’t been much to report on the sailing side since we haven’t been sailing. Our focus has been trying to settle into land-lubbing mode again. The … Continue reading

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