Welcome to the Tahina Maps page. Look below the map for tips and map information.

Google Satellite View will show when Charts are not available at a specific Zoom or Location. You can choose between different map types including the “Earth” button which requires the Google Earth plugin, but shows you the maps in 3D.

Also, notice at the top of the map that you can turn on different layers of information including “Trip Logs” which shows all past tracks of Tahina voyages (including trips before the Expedition began).

You will notice during a passage we are “Tweeting” our position which gets picked up and shown on the map. There will also be blog posts during some passages which will also get placemarks on the map. Photos and videos will be added to the map after we next arrive at a location with Internet connectivity. The onboard systems are too slow and/or expensive to upload high-bandwidth content, so we have to wait until we can get shore-based Internet.