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Kite Aerial Photos from Cocos Islands

With the weather improved last weekend, I decided to try putting my GoPro Hero 3 on my kite aerial photography remote control rig. I only had to coerce the provided mounting pieces a little bit to get it set up. … Continue reading

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Good Weather and Fun at Cocos

On Friday the weather finally got much better at Cocos Islands. The winds clocked a bit further to the east, and lessened. And the sun was out more consistently. The weather on the weekend was even better. So, we have … Continue reading

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Rough Seas

No, we are not out sailing right now. In fact, we have been holed up in rainy Sydney for over a month and we are itching to get moving again. When we meet up with other folks who are not … Continue reading

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Manta Ray Pass Photos

I’ve finally processed the photos from our visit to Manta Ray Pass. The photos in the album below include pictures of our passage on the way from Narewa Bay. If you read that post, you’ll note as we were dodging … Continue reading

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