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Tahina Heading Out and Guests Coming

We had a hectic few days, but we managed to leave as planned early today. We are now motoring past Singapore. We have to go all the way past Singapore since we are not cleared to anchor in Singapore with … Continue reading

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Tahina Touches Ground and Departure Imminent

The tides in Darwin are quite a large spread. The high tide is 22 feet (7 m) above low tide right now. We have to be careful where we leave the dinghy according to the tides. Fortunately, they have carts … Continue reading

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Departure From Cairns Next Week

Late yesterday the doctor called me on my cell phone. He had consulted with the primary ophthalmologist at the hospital with the results from my last visit. He wanted to call me to let me know they confirmed his diagnosis … Continue reading

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Departure Blues

Although we still have a huge number of tasks left before we depart, and we are incredibly busy getting them done, it is suddenly hitting me we are going to be leaving soon. Our house is up for sale, and … Continue reading

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